Application Advice

Benefit from our experience and expertise. We:

  • customise every application to individually fit sought after requirements
  • emphasise the relevant activities from previous professions, that are suitable to the requirements of the new position
  • want to understand your previous positions that you have held and what responsibilities you had. Add, in 5-10 bullet points, your positions, occupations and accomplishments
  • are not interested in CV page limits! Use as many pages as you need to grasp the reader and help them understand who you are
  • don’t forget to include a photo
  • start with your current occupation rather than the first job you held
  • if you have an outline of previously held positions, occupations and achievements, please include this in your CV. Anything to help visualise past projects or achievements, are always advantageous.
  • collect all your documents in one or two PDF-files. Avoid using zip files as these cannot be read by all employers
  • make sure that you documents are clearly labeled and understandable for the recipient
  • in your informal cover letter to us, emphasise the parallels between your current position and the one you are applying for.
  • make your motivations for applying for the job clear to the reader and explain why you believe you are suitable for a position at this particular business and what you strive to achieve
  • only if you are convinced of your own talents, will you also be able to convince our clients and your prospective employer