Managers and Specialists

As a manage or specialist we will

  • treat your application forms with the utmost discretion
  • give you feedback to the quality and suitability of your application forms
  • give you a fair market specific assessment of your application and salary expectations
  • add you to our applicant database in order to contact you when the right vacancy becomes available
  • advise you during the whole search process
  • give you helpful employee- or position specifics so that you, as an applicant, have the information that you need to make a quick decision and know if the position offered to you, is the next step in your career that you are looking for
  • give you feedback to the interview from our point of view and that of the employee
  • advise you throughout the process including reviewing and signing the contract
  • be prepared to answer all your queries related to the job for the first 6 months of your employment