Application Process

We will accompany you on the road to success

  • open and truthful advise throughout the application process
  • regardless of whether you are approached by one of our consultants, or you have taken the initiative to apply yourself, your application will be handled with the utmost discretion and commitment
  • with regards to applications for vacancies belonging to one of our clients, we will give you feedback to the quality and suitability of your application, as well as your suitability for the vacancy
  • subsequently, you will be interviewed and comprehensively briefed about the open position and the employer
  • we give you helpful employee- or position specifics so that you, as an applicant, have the information that you need to make a quick decision and know if the position offered to you, is the next step in your career that you are looking for
  • we give you a fair market specific assessment of your application and salary expectations
  • we know all the details of our clients search criteria
  • we hold extensive briefings with the representatives of your future employer at the beginning of the search process
  • we only present our clients with your personal information once we have discussed the position requirements with you, and you have bindingly agreed taking on this specific professional challenge
  • should we decide that you are a suitable candidate for a position, we will submit a detailed recommendation on your behalf. This occurs in a manner that our client expects and is used to
  • once our client has responded, we will give you further feedback to your application
  • if our client shows interest in your application, we will typically accompany you to the first interview
  • there are usually follow-up meetings that we would be happy to prepare and follow-up on for you
  • on the next day at the latest, we will evaluate the interview from your, our and the employers perspective
  • if necessary, we are happy to accompany and advise you at anytime, even during the evening and at weekends, throughout the interview process until the contract has been signed
  • we are prepared to answer all your queries related to the job for the first 6 months of your employment
  • should your application be rejected we will discuss the reasoning behind the decision and if needed help you optimise your presentation and interview skills
  • we are pleased to accept your application and add your data to our database even if we have no vacancies at the current time
  • we are happy to take your professional, personal, hierarchical/seniority related and regional preferential data into account and add it to our database
  • this allows us to approach you as soon as a suitable search mandate is handed in
  • furthermore, guidelines for your salary expectations are always helpful and telling when looking for placements. We differentiate between a fixed annual income and an annual total income. The annual total income consists of the fixed annual income, various royalties, bonuses, commissions, dividends etc.
  • please give us your ideal annual total income, for example “I expect an annual total income between €140,000 and €160,000. The variable can be between €20,000 and €40,000.”
  • we ask that you communicate the exact wording of your notice period in your current contract, for example “three months at…”
  • longer notice periods, for example, six months or ending at the end of a fiscal quarter, make it difficult to find placements because some businesses require placements at shorter notice. We ask that you give us your definitive confirmation with regards to taking available positions