In the last ten years we have grown into a successful and effective team

The core staff of Westwind Karriere has stood for ten years since Michael Harter began building a competitive, competent and successful real estate team.
The rising number of ambitious assignments and satisfied clients lead to a continuous expansion of the team. There are currently five consultants, three researchers and two office staff members active at Westwind Karriere, allowing the company to cover all fields of the real estate industry.

Monika Trabzadah and Michael Harter represent the core of the current team. Both managers have 20 years of experience in the real estate industry each and graduated from the European Business School as real estate economists in 2000.

While Michael Harter’s expertise and network result from his professional experience as a project developer, Monika Trabzadah could bring in her network and her real estate know-how from 
12 years work experience at the European Business School.

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