Direct approach

Our core competence: the professional direct approach

  • on the basis of a qualified job notice, our clients are approached by our regional offices. Some of these candidates “hadn’t even realised that they were looking for a new job and challenge” until we approached them
  • within the direct approach parameters, we typically examine between 50 and 100 available candidates for managerial and specialist positions for the vacancies
  • we interview the 10 most suitable and promising candidates. From this candidate pool we recommend the 3 most qualified candidates that fulfilled the prerequisite job profile and ultimately fit to the business
  • our clients can always count on the following 3 pillars:
    • A. our consultants personal and vibrant network
    • B. our excellent database with detailed candidate data and profiles
    • C. customised identification and approach of appropriate candidates in all search processes, that find candidates that are highly qualified, highly motivated and willing to try a new challenge, at the right time and for the right compensation
  • our motto is “to find the most qualified and motivated candidates for our clients”
  • after our search and approach, there will be no available candidates on the market that can beat the candidates, that we present to yo